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German 352 - Thesis: Find Articles

Basic Keyword Searches

  • Akin AND xxy

Use AND to connect words that must appear in a document

  • film OR movie

Use OR if only one word must appear in a document

  • metropolis NOT superman

Use NOT to exclude words or terms from a search

(Combining search terms with AND, OR, NOT is called Boolean searching. There is an explanation here.)

  • kino* 

In the Whitman catalog or MLA database, use an asterisk to truncate a word and allow for different endings. 

  • "er ist wieder da"

Use quotation marks to enclose a phrase or words that must appear together in a document. 

  • (film OR movie) AND Akin

You can combine two or more of these techniques to define and limit your search further.

Find Books and Articles

Find Articles

Inter-Library Loan (ILLiad)

Have you signed up for Inter-Library Loan (ILLiad) so that you can request items, especially articles, from other libraries?


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