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German 352 - Thesis: Citation Management (Zotero)



Zotero is a free, easy-to-use software that can help you collect, manage and cite your research sources. It functions as a stand-alone desktop application that can be used with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari. (The Firefox browser extension version of Zotero is no longer available due to changes in code of the browser.) It has a group function that enables multiple users to share citations. Install zotero by visiting

Zotero documentation includes information on installation and a helpful Quick Start Guide, as well as a FAQ.

Zotero Basics

This guide shows you how to set up and use Zotero to manage your citations

Zotero Groups

Zotero groups created by others can also be a useful resource for finding citations. Here are a few groups that are open to the public that could be relevant for Environmental Humanities.

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