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Zotero: Working with Groups

Zotero Groups

If you are working on a group project, and want all group members to view, add and edit citations in a shared library, follow these steps.

1) Each group member must register with

  • This will allow your data to be shared, and also syncs your Zotero library with their servers.
  • This also allows you to access your library from any computer with internet access.

2) One member should go to the Zotero groups page to create a group.

  • Click on Create a New Group, and log in with your Zotero user-name and password (that you created above in step 1).
  • Choose a name for your group
  • Choose a privacy setting for your group. For Whitman class projects, unless you want your library to be findable by others, choose Private Membership.
  • Click Create Group.

3) Invite other members to join the group.

  • From your group homepage, click on Group Settings, then on Members Settings.
  • Click Send More Invitations
  • Enter your group members' Zotero user names or email addresses.

4) Give all members who need to add and edit citations Administrator privileges.

  • Once members have responded to the invitation and joined the group, on the Members Settings page, make sure each member's Role is set to Admin.


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