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Penrose Library and the Whitman College and Northwest Archives want to help you share your Undergraduate Conference research with the Whitman community and beyond!

We think of the Whitman Undergraduate Conference collection in ARMINDA as conference proceedings. This means that we collect the materials you used for your presentation (slides, poster, text of your presentation), but not related research materials such as a thesis or a term paper that you drew from for your presentation. Making your work publicly available on ARMINDA by granting open access gives you a showcase for future employers or graduate programs, as well as family and friends. It also can inspire prospective and current students by demonstrating the kinds of research that Whitman supports. Whitman as an institution also benefits from having more complete records of its undergraduate research, and this can encompass both open access and limited access (available only to current Whitman students, faculty, and staff).

There are a few important considerations in saving your work in ARMINDA.

  1. Compliance with copyright law is very important when you are sharing your work publicly. Respecting the intellectual property rights of others is part of the Whitman College Copyright Policy. If you are reproducing copyrighted works (images, texts, music, etc.) in your presentation, paper, or poster, you need to either have permission from the copyright owner to share, or to determine whether you can claim fair use of that material. Please see the Copyright and Fair Use page of this guide for more information, and consult with a reference librarian if you have questions about copyright and your materials.
  2. We recommend that you submit your materials (papers, slides) in PDF/A format so that your work remains uniformly accessible across different platforms (Mac vs. PC) for a longer period of time. Please see the Formatting Guidelines for more information.
  3. Submission to ARMINDA requires a non-exclusive distribution license signed by both you and your faculty sponsor (if there is more than one author/presenter, all of you should sign). This is slightly simplified version of the license we require for honors theses -- it officially grants us your permission to make your work available online, and we can't publish your material in ARMINDA without it. Please see our Submitting page for more information.

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