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Teaching, Research Help, & Outreach

Librarian: Emily Pearson (; 509-527-5918)

Emily manages our entire instruction and reference program. Within our instruction team, librarians are assigned to specific divisions as a point person. If you already work with another librarian, you are not required to work with the assigned librarian for your division.
DIV I - Julie Carter, DIV II - Emily Pearson, DIV III - Amy Blau, Interdisciplinary/Non-Academic - Bridget Scoles

Questions & needs Emily can help with:

  • Can I have a librarian do a session with my class? What instruction services does the library offer?
  • How can I incorporate research and information literacy goals into my assignments (particularly in FYS but also in general)?
  • How can I have my students meet with librarians for research help?
  • I have an idea for a program, event, exhibit, or display I’d like to do with the library
  • I have an issue with Sherlock, the website, or a database

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Librarian: Alexis Hickey (; 509-526-4731)

Questions & needs Alexis can help with:

  • What types of sessions could the Archives do for my class? How do I arrange for my class to use the archives? 
  • I have an idea for a collection or collaboration with the Archives
  • What is in the Archives’ collections? 
  • What opportunities are there for students in the Archives?

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Circulation & Access Services

Librarian: Julie Carter (; 509-527-5915)

Questions & needs Julie can help with:

  • How do I put materials on reserve for my courses? What can go on reserve?
  • How can I access materials that are not held in Penrose Library?
  • ILL and Summit related questions
  • I need guidance on a copyright question or concern

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Librarian: Lindsay Tebeck (; 509-527-5909)

Questions & needs Lindsay can help with:

  • How do I suggest a new book, journal, film, or other resource that the library should purchase?
  • How do I find out what electronic resources (e-books, online periodicals, streaming video) are available for my research or for classroom use?
  • I need help find teaching materials (subscription content, non-restricted license e-books, open access and public domain books, all of which can be shared electronically with a class).

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Scholarly Communication

Librarian: Amy Blau (; 509-527-4905)

Questions & needs Amy can help with:

  • How can I share my research more broadly or increase the impact of my scholarly work? 
  • What do I need to know about honors theses in the library? How can the library share student research?
  • How can I incorporate open education resources into my teaching? How can I create OER? 
  • What are current requirements from granting agencies for data management plans and public access to products of funded research (publications and supporting data)? What options do I have for providing public/open access to my research? What resources are available to help create a data management plan?

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Systems (Sherlock and Databases)

Librarian: Tracy Tolf (

Questions & needs Tracy can help with:

  • Help! I am having issues accessing something in a library database! 
  • Something seems wrong in this Sherlock record…
  • Why is this library page displaying like this?

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