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Politics 125 - Politics of Indigeneity


This guide will help you with the research you will need to do for your final project. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me (, set up an appointment, or drop by my office in the library (215 by the computers).

Basic Keyword Searches

For Google, Sherlock, and databases, there are ways you can construct your searches to get more specific results:

  • Hanford AND Richland  --  Use AND to connect words that must appear in a document.
  • Manhattan Project OR Hanford Project --  Use OR if only one word must appear in a document.
  • denuclear*  -- Use an asterisk to truncate a word and allow for different endings. For example, denuclearize, denuclearization, etc.
  • "Hanford Site" -- Use quotation marks to enclose a phrase or words that must appear together in a document.

Primary Sources

Searching Sherlock for [group name] documentary history, or [group name] primary sources will bring up published compiled primary sources which may include treaties and official documents as well as correspondence, meeting minutes, and ephemera.

In Google, searching [group name] and digital collections or museum or archive will bring up digital collections or other online materials at institutions like colleges, state or tribal archives, museums, and history centers.

Reference Sources

These encyclopedias can help you find key dates, names, topics, and spellings. Be aware of the date they were published for more contemporary issues.

News Sources

White Papers

A white paper is a research-based report which offers a focused description of a complex topic and presents the point of view of the author or body represented by the author, such as a think tank, research institute, NGO, or other organization.

Academic Articles

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