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REL/IRES 180 : James Baldwin's America


This guide will help you with the research you will need to do for your final project. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me (, set up an appointment, or drop by my office in the library (215 by the computers).

Basic Keyword Searches

For Google, Sherlock, and databases, there are ways you can construct your searches to get more specific results:

  • "Go Tell It On The Mountain" AND "Giovanni's Room"  --  Use AND to connect words that must appear in a document.
  • gender OR sexuality --  Use OR if only one word must appear in a document.
  • expatriat*  -- Use an asterisk to truncate a word and allow for different endings. For example, expatriate, expatriation, etc.
  • "Notes of a Native Son" -- Use quotation marks to enclose a phrase or words that must appear together in a document.

Academic Articles

Which database you use depends on your topic and which discipline(s) is most relevant.

Primary Sources

Primary sources are not required for this project, but might help you find connecting topics or other terms you want to relate to your topic.

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