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Copyright & IP @ Whitman: Fair Use in the Classroom


What can I post on a Canvas page?

  • Limiting access to a scanned article/chapter/image on Canvas, even if access is limited by password to registered students, does not necessarily guarantee "fair use."  A fair use analysis should be conducted before material is posted on a Canvas page.  Check the Fair Use or Tools tabs to learn more.
  • Materials which are licensed by Penrose Library usually may be freely linked, if they are specifically limited to the students enrolled in the course and remain password protected.
  • Certain subscription databases may prohibit linking content; check with a librarian if you have any questions.

For More Information:


A faculty member may place personal or library copies of books, sound recordings, music scores and authorized (i.e., legally obtained copies) of videocassettes, DVDs, audiocassettes and compact discs on Reserve.

Generally, an instructor may place his/her copy of a photocopied article for student use, with the understanding that the copy was lawfully made and does not infringe on the copyright holder's rights.  Under no circumstance will the library place on reserve a professor-created course pack or anthology unless it was created with the permission of the copyright holder or the materials are no longer subject to copyright protection.

The Library will provide digitized versions of copyrighted journal articles for the electronic reserve system if permission to do so accompanies the materials.  The Library staff may be able to assist with obtaining needed permissions and paying copyright royalty fees.

For more information see: Reserving Course Materials

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