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Open Educational Resources: Evaluate & Assess OER

Professional recognition for OER work

Here are a few resources that discuss how faculty may advocate for the recognition of their work in developing, adapting, and implementing OER as a part of their tenure and promotion.

OER and Liberal Arts Colleges

Evaluating OER

Some potential users worry that because OER are freely available and revisable and have not been published by a traditional commercial publisher they are not "high quality." However, as with Open Access scholarship, the quality of OER is independent of its method of distribution. Subject experts (such as faculty in a given discipline) are the best judges of whether the content of a given OER meet their criteria for use in the classroom. A number of rubrics and similar materials are available to help standardize those evaluations, and various OER platforms (such as Open Textbook Library) include reviews of materials. As David Wiley points out, the most important criteria for the quality of OER is how well students learn by using them.

On Quality and OER by David Wiley is licensed under a a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Studies on student success and OER impact

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