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GENS 175 Time Fall 2021: Cite a source (Chicago)

Chicago Manual of Style Online

Chicago Style Resources

Source Examples

When looking for citations, consider what each citation will include. Please note: these examples are taken from articles that may not explicitly adhere to Chicago style. Keep in mind that many journals have their own unique style guidelines. That said, all citation style include the same information.

Citations to books include: Author(s), Title, Publisher/Publication location, Year. For example: 

Citations to journal articles include: Author(s), Article Title, Journal Title, journal volume/issue, Year, page numbers (and sometimes, for more recent publications, a DOI or URL).

Citations to Book Chapters include: Chapter/section author, Chapter Title, Editors of the book, Book title,Publisher/Publication location, Year.

You will see a number of other types of sources ranging from theses and dissertations to archival sources.

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