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GENS 175: Justice (Joshua) : Home


Today you're going to use this guide to navigate the different types of sources each of you is looking for.

As a reminder, your group should count off, and the following jobs are assigned as such

  1. Person 1: Books
  2. Person 2: Journal Articles
  3. Person 3: Popular sources (newspapers and magazines, websites)
  4. Person 4: Reference Sources, encyclopedias

Each of you is expected to find 1 example of your source type, focused on your group's topic. The respective tab for your source will walk you through finding a source and will give helpful tips and tricks.

After searching, you will come back together and teach each other what you learned about your type of source, searching, and how you evaluated your source. If you have extra time before I call everyone back, you can practice writing citations for your source.

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