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Copyright @ Whitman: Film/Multimedia


Copyright in the Visual Arts - Thomas G. Field, Jr., Franklin Pierce Law Center

Multimedia Use and Transformativeness - University of Minnesota

Fair Use

Exceptions for Instructors Performing or Displaying Works (Michael Brewer & the ALA Office of Information Technology Policy)

If works are performed or displayed during face-to-face teaching, Section 110(1) and Section 110(2) of the U.S. Copyright law provides exemptions for educators.  This online tool will help you make a determination if the proposed use of the work falls under this exception.

Do You Need Public Performance Rights?


NO …

·         if the screening is open to the public, such as showing a foreign language film and inviting the rest of campus or the community at large


·         if the screening is in a public space where access is not restricted, such as an instructor showing a film to a class for curriculum-related purposes in a public or unrestricted location


·         if persons attending the screening are outside the normal circle of family and acquaintances, such as showing a film to a club or organization

·         if the film will be viewed in a private location with friends



·         if an instructor is showing the film in a classroom setting only to students registered for the class, and the film directly relates to the course



Information about public performance rights associated with films owned by Whitman College is available in the Public Performance Rights LibGuide.

For assistance obtaining public performance rights to other materials, please contact the Office of Student Activities.

Films in the Public Domain

OpenFlix - movies commonly thought to be in the public domain

Public Domain Films - the Library of Congress

Public Domain Footage

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