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History 112 Modern Africa: Class Assignment

Class Assignment

You will need to:

1. Create a search strategy that will find materials appropriate to your topic.

2. Teach the rest of the class how and why to use the resource.

3. Track resources that you use, ways that you alter or narrow your topic, keywords and searching techniques that you employ, discoveries you make and questions you have.

4. Decide who is going to present what information.  You can use the instructor's workstation.

While each of you will participate in all 4 steps above, you will also have a specialized role to play.

Information Search Moderator: Your job is to make sure that the searching for information about your group's area of expertise is effective and that you are finding useful information to share.

Information Manager: Your role is to record the group's findings, making sure that the group has what information it needs and is shaping that information into a coherent report.

Timekeeper and Facilitator: Your job is to make sure that the group work progresses in a timely fashion.  You will also help resolve any group conflicts, and make sure that the group selects who will serve as the spokesperson/s.

Spokesperson/s - Your role is to speak on behalf of the group and report your findings back to the rest of the class.

HELP: Julie Carter will be available to answer any questions that you may have.  Your professor may also be able to help.

TIME: 15 minutes for group work.  Reporting should be 5 minutes.

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