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Video Projects

This is a short guide to the resources available for creating video projects at Whitman. Learn about available software and equipment for rental on campus. It also includes hints and tips for using online video with CLEo and other platforms.

Advanced YouTube Privacy Settings

Advanced Privacy Settings for YouTube

There might be some circumstances in which you don't want to use the Unlisted privacy setting for your YouTube videos. If you have any concerns about people outside the Whitman community viewing the video should someone send them the link, then you also have the option of specifying that your YouTube video is only viewable to those people signed in to their account. Using this setting provides added privacy, but it will also require your viewers to sign into their YouTube account before watching the video. This effectively breaks the video embed in CLEo and other sites like Blogger, Google Sites, etc.


1. Go to your creator studio to see a list of your videos.

2. Click Edit and then choose Info and Settings next to the video you want to change.

3. In the Basic Info of the video, make sure the privacy settings on the right are set to Private.

4. Now, you're going to click "Share" just below "Private" and check the box "Let anyone at view." Press OK and then be sure to save your changes.


You can also share the video with people by adding their email addresses, if you do not wish to share the video with the entire Whitman community. Bear in mind that in this case, "share" just means the video is viewable. You will still need to send the link to your viewers for them to know of the video's existence.

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