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Video Projects

This is a short guide to the resources available for creating video projects at Whitman. Learn about available software and equipment for rental on campus. It also includes hints and tips for using online video with CLEo and other platforms.

Uploading a video to YouTube

Uploading a Video to YouTube

YouTube's interface changes frequently, but you should be able to follow these basic steps when uploading a class project for sharing via CLEo or email. Please do use your email address to sign in to YouTube as you follow these stes.

  1. Find the upload button in the upper right corner and click on it.





2. Change the privacy settings from Public to Unlisted. This means that other people can only view your video if you have shared the link with them. They can also view your video if you embed the link in CLEo. (If you require additional privacy settings such as limiting the viewing of the video to the Whitman Community, see Advanced Privacy Settings in the menu of this guide.)

3. Click "Select Files to Upload" to choose a file from your computer, or drag and drop the file into your browser. If you receive an "invalid file format" error message, your file is probably not encoded correctly. See our section on Video for the Web.


4. In the screen that follows, enter the title and description of your video while it is uploading. The link you are given is a short link to your video that others can copy/paste into their browsers, but it will not work for embedding on CLEo forums.  The link you want is the long link that has "watch" in it. You can get to this longer link by visiting your video's short link.

5. You can access your videos at any time to edit their description or privacy settings by clicking your profile icon in the upper right corner and then clicking "Creator Studio" (formerly Video Manager).

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