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Penrose Library

Video Projects

This is a short guide to the resources available for creating video projects at Whitman. Learn about available software and equipment for rental on campus. It also includes hints and tips for using online video with CLEo and other platforms.

Documentary Film Tips

This annotated short film demonstrates some useful techniques for creating a documentary-style project. The annotations end at four minutes. The following topics are discussed:

  • How to use "B roll" footage effectively to create dynamism and as filler for narrative voiceover
  • How and when to use still images
  • How to create interest by cutting between close-up and full scene shots
  • Types of cuts: straight cuts, L-cuts, and J-cuts
  • By the way, most of your cuts should be straight cuts
  • Keep it classy: use black and white, sans-serif text, black backgrounds, and avoid fancy transitions.

The Rule of Thirds

Basic Shot Composition

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