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HIST 399 - US (Im)migration Histories, 1890s-2000s: Primary Sources

Walla Walla and Whitman College Sources

Government Documents

We have a large collection of government documents in the library, including materials from the Department of Homeland Security and past offices involved with immigration policy (see United States Government Manual for more information). In Sherlock, after you search you can select "Federal Docs -1st Floor" in the location facet on the left of the screen in your results to limit to materials from this collection.

Digital Collections

This is just a sampling of the many projects all over the country to document immigration histories. If you are working on a specific community or location, google: [group] immigration digital collections.

Penrose Databases

Primary Source books

When searching Sherlock, if you add "primary source" or "documentary history" to your search, you will get books that have published primary sources in them.

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