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Spanish 490 - Senior Seminar, Fall 2017: Books and Articles

Basic Keyword Searches

  • mexic* mural*

In Sherlock, the MLA database, or PRISMA, use an asterisk to truncate a word and allow for different endings. HOWEVER, do not use the asterisk to truncate words in the HAPI database (you would run the same search in HAPI as mexic mural).

  • "comic book"

Use quotation marks to enclose a phrase or words that must appear together in a document.

  • immigration AND xxy

Use AND to connect words that must appear in a document

  • "comic book" OR "graphic novel"

Use OR if only one word (or set of words) must appear in a document

  • miguel garrido gallardo NOT quijote

Use NOT to exclude words or terms from a search

(Combining search terms with AND, OR, NOT is called Boolean searching. There is an explanation here.)


For tips on searching ProQuest databases (MLA and PRISMA), see the ProQuest Help page. For tips on searching HAPI, see their help page and FAQ.

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