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HIST 279 Post 45 Europe: Find Articles

Find Books and Articles

Basic Keyword Searches

  • Akin AND xxy

Use AND to connect words that must appear in a document

  • film OR movie

Use OR if only one word must appear in a document

  • metropolis NOT superman

Use NOT to exclude words or terms from a search

(Combining search terms with AND, OR, NOT is called Boolean searching. There is an explanation here.)

  • kino* 

In the Whitman catalog or MLA database, use an asterisk to truncate a word and allow for different endings. 

  • "er ist wieder da"

Use quotation marks to enclose a phrase or words that must appear together in a document. 

  • (film OR movie) AND Akin

You can combine two or more of these techniques to define and limit your search further.

Find Articles

Find recent film reviews in German

It will be easiest to find a review of a film if you know the dates when it was produced and released. You can search in Film Index International for your film, to find date of production and release, director, cast, and crew, and selected bibliographies of criticism.

Inter-Library Loan (ILLiad)

Have you signed up for Inter-Library Loan (ILLiad) so that you can request items, especially articles, from other libraries?

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